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About: I am an alcohol regulatory attorney

My name is Matt Saltzman and I am an attorney at the Saltzman Mugan Dushoff law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I have assisted clients with highly regulated Nevada businesses for over twenty years at Saltzman Mugan Dushoff and this is my blog where I share interesting information that I think will be helpful to liquor suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.

Our liquor law team works each day helping clients obtain liquor licenses throughout Nevada and to understand the application of alcoholic beverage laws and regulations to their businesses.

My practice focuses on helping businesses that sell, distribute or make alcohol understand the regulatory environment, obtain the right types of licenses and permits, stay in compliance, and defend their licenses and permits when necessary. After a liquor license is issued we assist with maintaining compliance with liquor laws when there are ownership changes, management changes and Key Employee changes.  We actively manage Key Employee compliance for numerous national retailers with multiple locations in Nevada.

If you have a business in Nevada that involves alcohol, or are interested in starting one, I’d be happy to talk to you about your business goals.

The Firm’s licensing practice includes bars, restaurants, hotels, liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, golf courses, airlines, arenas, breweries, wineries, distilleries, and any other business that requires a state liquor license and/or federal permit.

Our work to assist clients obtain liquor license approvals includes counsel in obtaining zoning and land use approvals in jurisdictions requiring use permits.  We have worked with cities and counties to modify codes and ordinances relating to liquor laws and we regularly help clients resolve administrative violations.