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Nevada cities and counties are responsible for issuing retail liquor licenses, and the application process varies from one municipality to another.


For the Las Vegas area, the application process is different for the cities of North Las Vegas, the City of Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson County, and Clark County. So depending on the exact location of the business, you will have to complete the application process outlined by those local elected boards and commissions.


Because the retail sale of liquor is considered a privilege and not a property right in Nevada, each municipality may restrict the issuance of liquor licenses as it deems necessary. The variations in these restrict ions can make the process of obtaining a liquor license in Las Vegas complicated. It is strongly advised that you secure experienced legal guidance to get through this process with a minimum of delays and difficulties.

Obtaining a retail liquor license in Las Vegas involves numerous steps. A Las Vegas liquor licensing lawyer will need the personal information used in the application, including the applicant’s principals’ employment history, prior business relationships, evidence of financial stability, and criminal background.
It normally takes 60 to 90 days to secure a Las Vegas liquor license. But if you a re unfamiliar with the process and you lack experienced guidance, the process can take much longer. Long delays can result from errors or misunderstandings in the application process. An attorney who is knowledgeable about this process can sit down with you, secure all the required information, and begin the application process for you.

Background investigations of applicants for a liquor license are detailed. The completion of the application must be done carefully, with all required information provided in meticulous detail. Failure to disclose required information can lead to delays and further questions and can put the application in jeopardy.

An experienced Las Vegas liquor license lawyer can help assure that the process does not fail due to errors or omissions on the part of the applicant.

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