Matt Saltzman is an Attorney and Shareholder at Kolesar & Leatham, a law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his twenty years at the firm he has managed and developed the firm’s liquor law practice into Nevada’s largest liquor law practice group which regularly assists local and national businesses with all aspects of Nevada liquor law and licensing compliance.

Matt Saltzman is a member of numerous liquor industry compliance organizations:

National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA)
National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (NALCP)

National Association of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Attorneys (NAABLA)
Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants (AAIAC)

Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys (AHIA).

If you would like you can contact me at the Kolesar & Leatham website.